Google Home Mini vs. Amazon’s Echo Dot – Which One Packs the Better Sound?

During a whirlwind event which took place in Seattle last month, Amazon introduced to the public a flurry of fresh Alexa gadgets. Among them, the key item was represented by the brand new version of the Echo Dot, which is Amazon’s Alexa-equipped bestseller, coming at the price of $50 (£50 and AU$79).

This new, third-generation Echo Dot resembles the versions that came before it because it is a puckish, pint-sized smart speaker which is ideally designed to connect with other audio setups which are bigger. This is possible through an auxiliary cable or via Bluetooth. Also, this new Echo Dot is bigger than the other ones and this came as a result of Amazon beefing up the sound quality on the speaker inside.

More than likely, this is meant to counter Google’s actions which were able to one-up the Echo Dot when it came to sound quality as they resulted in the release of the Google Home Mini, which is just as affordable as the Echo Dot. The new Echo Dot sounds better and it costs the same ($50), which allows Alexa to be in a better position in its fight with Google Assistant.

When it made its debut, the Google Home Mini exceeded the sound quality of the Echo Dot. Has Amazon caught up with the new, third-gen Dot? There are plenty of people who say that yes, it has. At least, the two find themselves now on equal footing when we speak about the strength of sound.

Perhaps the Dot has moved on step further due to its boosted bass. The ultimate judge is the listener. Only he or she can decide if the new Dot sounds better than the Home Mini. Some will say that the Home Mini sounds clearer, while the Dot provides a fuller sound.

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