Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.273 Comes With Interesting New Features

Clash of Lords 2 is a strategy game that is extremely popular right now, being in the top 10 all around the world. On Google Play Store you can see that it managed to get an incredible rating of 4.5 stars, so you can be sure that it is a top-rated game.

What does Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.273 offers you?

Basically, this game gives you the chance of stepping into the pit and punching someone. Well, not the actual ‘you’ but your character, since you can choose from your favorite Clash of Lords 2 Heroes, as it starts to fight in a free-for-all frenzy against a lot of scary fiends. You can take control of the action on your path of becoming the strongest warrior in all the magical land.

What will you need to thrive?

Surviving inside Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle requires you to keep your wits about you and a strong will combined with grit will get you places. So, let’s not waste more time and Clash!

What kind of game is it?

Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.273 is an incredibly fun strategy game which will surprise you with some innovative twists unusual to the genre. It gives you the possibility to choose over 50 Heroes and their mercenaries as you build a base which you will then have to defend.
You can fight together with your friends or against them, depending on what you wish. That’s because there are over 10 PvE and PvP modes from which you can choose.
The latest update brings you ‘Empower Equipment’ and ‘Armory of Legends’. The latter allows you to induct Empower Equipment to receive special rewards. All this and more you can find out on your own.

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