Google Chrome: Fast & Secure 70.0.3538.64 Comes With Performance Improvements

Google Chrome is the browser you want since it is secure, fast and convenient to use.

This version is designed for Android devices, and it will bring you news articles of your taste, quick access to your favorite sites, Google Search, downloads and built-in Google Translate.

All you have to do is download this app and spread your Google Chrome experience to your Android device.

Browsing like a boss

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure 70.0.3538.64 will let you choose from instantly appeared search results which are personalized for you as fast as you type so that you will quickly arrive at your most visited web pages. Its Autofill feature will fill in forms rapidly. When you don’t want a particular site to be saved in your history, then access Chrome’s Incognito mode to browse privately across all your devices.

Link it across devices

With your Google account, Chrome will automatically sync your passwords, settings, and bookmarks across all your devices, as soon as you sign in. This way, you will be able to access all your relevant information from either your phone or your laptop.

Access your favorite sites with just one tap

Besides being incredibly fast with Google searches, Chrome is designed to keep your favorite content at just a tap’s distance. A new tab page will showcase your favorite social media or news sites. Also, most pages will feature Chrome’s ‘Tap to Search’, meaning that you can tap on any phrase or word to launch a Google search while still being on the page you are currently enjoying.

View videos or web pages offline

One last thing: Chrome has an exclusive download button which can be used to download pictures, videos and even entire web pages with just a tap, allowing you to enjoy them later, even if you are offline.

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