New WhatsApp Update For iOS Brings New Features And iPhone XS Max Support

Since 2009, more and more people worldwide have been using the popular WhatsApp Messenger to communicate with their friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Since 2014, WhatsApp has been part of the broader Facebook family and is regularly updated with new features, functions, and improvements. Now, a recent WhatsApp update for iOS brings several new functions and iPhone XS Max support that would enhance the user experience.

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app on both Android and iOS platforms. Summing up hundreds of millions of users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most successful messenger of the broader Facebook family that owns WhatsApp since 2014.

WhatsApp update for iOS change the way voice messages are played

The new WhatsApp update for iOS, which is already available on the Apple App Store. On the one hand, the new upgrade makes it easier for users to listen to voice messages, especially if there are more than one.

From now on they will be played back automatically one after the other, so you don’t have to play every single audio message manually, anymore.

WhatsApp update for iOS brings new menu for message actions and support for iPhone XS Max

There is also a new menu for message actions, so, from now on, to mark a message, reply to it, forward it, copy or delete it, all you have to do is press and hold on the respective message. Then, a pop-up menu pops up, in which the mentioned actions are listed.

Last but not least, the WhatsApp update for iOS also includes support for iPhone XS Max. Here’s the official changelog of the new WhatsApp update:

  • Continuous voice messages now play one after the other, so you don’t have to tap each message individually;
  • When you press and hold a message, a new theme makes it easier to reply to, forward, delete, copy, or highlight that message;
  • iPhone XS Max support;

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