How Your Team Can Become The Best One In The PUBG Crew Challenge

Halloween also brought a new event in PUBG, and it is one that will reveal the competitive side of each crew. The new tournament system was released recently by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile and there is still time to sign up your crew. The registration period will end on 5th of November, so you need to hurry. If you are planning to compete in the tournament, you might want to take a look at the tips and tricks that we have prepared for you.

Focus on loot first

Kills are very important but you can’t fight others and defend yourself unless you have the weapons and gear that you need. That is why you should loot first. Avoid fighting until you have all the items you need. It is recommended that you land in an area that are known for their loot. For example, the apartments in Razhok are great for looting, and they will help you avoid fighting as well.

Pick up useful weapons

The weapons that you use should be selected properly. You should get at least one AR weapon, like the M416, as those usually match any playing style. You should also choose weapons that you’ll use. A sniper like Kar98k can be a powerful weapon from a distance, but it becomes almost useless when enemies are attacking you, since it comes with a high reloading time.

Familiar places

Landing is an important stage of the game, and you should choose your location carefully. Try to land in a familiar place that you know perfectly. If you are aware of your surroundings, enemies won’t be able to ambush you.

Choose the perfect game mode

Your game mode will influence your game as well. You should choose a mode that matches your playing style. For example, FPP is preferred by aggressive players, who go directly for the kill. If surviving is your priority, not fighting, the TPP mode might be a better choice for you.

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