UC Browser Mini Provides Bug Fixes And A Better Experience

Those looking for a free browser of the web working for Android devices while still occupying little storage space must take a look at UC Browser Mini since it comes with fast download speed, ad-block functionality, data saving and it even allows you to listen to music, watch videos, and catch up with cricket information, all wrapped up in a smooth and lightweight experience.

UC Browser Mini comes with even a customized cricket feature available which will allow you to check on various cricket sites in order to show support to your favorite team, watch live streams of cricket matches or just check the scores on various matches. Don’t think that UC Browser Mini is used just for checking up on cricket matches because you can find out about your train’s status, book a train ticket, see which seats are available or other such train enquiries as well.

UC Browser Mini comes with an updated web browsing experience which uses a self-developed U4 engine which guarantees 20 percent improvement regarding your connection to the web, standard support, your experience of watching video content, your personal security or storage management, all compared to what the previous version had to offer.

The small window mode is also a new feature which enables you to move the video window apart from the main webpage and stick it on screen top, allowing you to do various things online, like chatting with friends, shopping or participate in other such activities while not interrupting you from watching your favorite content.

UC Browser Mini also benefits from capable servers which stabilize and speed up downloads. In the event that your download is interrupted by internet disconnection or other such scenario, this browser is capable of resuming the process from the breakpoint. In the end, you will save time for using the files by speeding up their downloading process.

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