2018 iPad Pro – A fantastic device that acts as a laptop or as a tablet

Apple is really pushing for the idea that a tablet can take the place of the MacBook and in doing this it spared few resources for the quest of proselytize us with the 2018 iPad Pro. This device is a beast, one that can really hold its own alongside powerful laptops. Since it comes with the redesigned Apple Pencil and the Smart Folio Keyboard, the new iPad Pro is a stunner that comes with ‘essentials’ and not peripherals.

Versatility characterizes it best thanks to the new support for USB-C and it achieves it while still looking both futuristic and familiar. Those who used it as a primary writing machine for these last years fell in love with its portability and ease of switching between typing and longhand writing.

When these users felt forced to switch back to a MacBook they described the experience similar to getting a pair of new glasses after months of living with a faulty prescription. There were a lot of frustrations that disappeared. Tasks that were considered complex before became incredibly simple while the levels of productivity skyrocketed. They were really feeling as if they would never touch another iPad Pro ever again.

However, then came the 2018 iPad Pro and it made a compelling case with its massive power and untapped potential. Since it came out a lot of users started to use it as a main work device and they are even now often surprised at what they can accomplish through its use. All this news leaves us wondering about Apple’s previous decisions and why it hasn’t taken better advantage of all that fancy hardware,

There are a lot of users who abandoned the previously launched iPad Pros due to various complications but luckily this new reiteration managed to bring them back.

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