iOS 13 Must Come Out With New Features With A Focus On iPad Pro Devices

Without any doubt, the new iPad Pro means a leap as we have never seen before in the iPad series. The new iPad now boasts plenty of power in a design that is gorgeous. However, the few weaknesses of the new device are directly related to the software, the iOS 12. If Apple wants iPad Pro series to substitute laptops, there are some changes they should make in iOS 13 next year.

iOS 13 Features That Would Make iPad Pro Devices Even Better Than They Are

Support for more file formats in iOS 13

The arrival of the USB-C can open many possibilities for the new iPad Pro. However, the device still cannot read specific files. For example, you can’t connect an external hard drive or storage unit to the new iPad Pro models to access and edit the data on the storage device, but only to export images and videos.

iOS 13 must address such limitations and allow users to access, open, and edit files like a computer.

iOS 13 must have better multitasking

Multitasking on the iPad devices took a big leap forward years ago with the arrival of Split View, but this must be improved even more. It’s true that we can drag information between two open applications, but there’s still room for improvement.

Support for specific iPad Pro applications

The iPad already has the power of a computer, so you need apps that use that power. Adobe has taken the plunge with Photoshop, a full version of its photo-editing software that will be released for iPad Pro next year.

But this has to be followed by other professional apps so that the iPad can replace a MacBook, which is precisely what Apple wants.

iOS 13 should support multiuser for iPad models

The fans have been asking for such a feature for years, and Apple should’ve already implemented it in iOS 12. The iPad devices are not as personal as iPhones, primarily when used at work, for example. Accordingly, a multiuser feature would be appreciated by many users.

A dark mode in iOS 13

The iOS is not yet possessing a dark mode, even though Apple implemented such a feature in their latest macOS Mojave. A dark mode in iOS 13 is, therefore, expected, and hopefully, Cupertino-based tech giant wouldn’t postpone it once again.

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