Happy Hunting! Pokémon GO’s Community Day Event and Who Should You Get

Community Day December starts for Pokemon Go at 4 PM and will keep going until the 3rd of December, which is quite different than the 3-hour windows we’d normally get from them when it comes to these monthly events.

These events come as a celebration of everything that has happened before in the game, and will come together with lots of spawns of each Community Day Pokémon that has ever appeared in the events. There are 11 Pokemons, so make sure you make the most out of the one that you need. Which one is that, you’re asking? It really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for the powerful one

Charmander/Charizard: Charizard is a serious fire attacker and Community Day made him even greater. This one is a must.

Larvitar/Tyranitar: Tyranitar was always and will always be a beast, but when a legendary one comes, this one is what you need.

Beldum/Metagross: Metagross is good to have for many situations, but Meteor Mash is better, especially if we’re talking about farming.

If you’re looking for the shiniest one

Charmander/Charizard: this one probably has the best shiny version of the entire game, so you do the math.

Dratini/Dragonite: Dragonite has different color schemes.

Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon/Espeon/Umbreon: all of Eevee’s evolutions are shiny, so if you get her, you’ll get all of her alternatives.

These are just some ideas; you can farm whoever you want to. Venusaur has a Frenzy Plant, that comes with a yellow flower that’s also shiny.

Unfortunately, Pikachu is going to be quite different, since no one actually wants to farm for him presently, because Raichu is not that relevant, and not shiny either. Everyone has a Pikachu at this point.

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