Augmented Reality Fans will be Happy to Discover Google’s New Phone, the Pixel 4

Considering the gadgets announced for 2019, we can conclude that next year might serve as a pioneer for a true technology revolution. Every big competitor from the mobile industry is getting ready to launch outstanding smartphones that will open the way for more exciting changes in a society already addicted to technology.

Google is one of those competitors that can make a difference in this difficult to please society. They have always done a good job of keeping up with modern trends. Now, their mobile phones are considered to have the best Android functionality and the most advanced camera features.

In this case, we should expect to see them releasing some amazing devices in 2019, ones that can compete with everything the others have to offer. According to recent leaks, Google won’t settle for less than what are used to. Currently, they have a few surprises for their fans and one of them will redefine the sense of a mobile phone.

Google is developing a smartphone with the skills to turn augmented reality into a camera feature

So far, we heard about the Google Pixel 3 XL, a smartphone that combines excellent functionality with modern specs and a decent price. Recent leaks tell us that Google has another surprise for 2019. This time, augmented reality fans will be very happy to discover Google Pixel 4, a handset that uses AR specs for its camera.

Apart from the information that the new phone will have the possibility to use augmented reality for creating unique experiences every time we use the camera, we heard that it can be called Bonito or Sargo. This idea was speculated by the Android Police; according to them, the latest ARCore APK from Google could be the first source to share a teaser about this aspect.

Nothing is confirmed yet, so everything could change. Unfortunately, the new phone might be released in October 2019. That’s a pretty long wait!

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