iOS 12.1 Jailbreak and Safari Browser Bug New Leaks

It’s been a while since the latest iOS 12.1 has been launched and nobody managed to find a way to jailbreak this operating system. During the last months, many experts from the jailbreaking community have done their best to find some security breaches within the A12 Bionic chip. Only a few managed to explore the system, but none of them figured out how to bypass the safety limitations from iOS 12.1.

Seeing that so many people failed, another expert is trying to exploit some flaws which will allow him to jailbreak the iOS 12.1. Min Zheng, also called Spark, who currently works for Alibaba, recently claimed that he knows a way to jailbreak the latest iOS. He is planning to do that by exploiting the bug spotted in the Safari browser.

The bug causes connectivity issues, but it can contribute to a successful jailbreaking process

The news about a bug causing mal-functioning in the latest iOS version made a lot of users regret that they updated their iPhones. The information was spread by Linus Henze on Twitter. The man used the social network for describing the bug and mentioned some possible ways to exploit it.

The news about the bug from the Safari browser and its’ potential use for the jailbreajing community became viral very soon. Min Zheng announced that he could use the exploit with the purpose of performing a remote jailbreak. He used the same communication method, Twitter,

The jailbreak completed through this process would work on devices ran by iOS 12.1 and older versions. On the other hand, when the community members asked for more information, Zhen didn’t share any details. In this case, we don’t know if Alibaba’s staff member managed to perform a jailbreak on Apple’s most recent operating system.

If Zheng completed this process, he won’t reveal the information or make the jailbreak public any time soon. At least, iPhone users with iOS 12.1 devices are happy to know that their handsets can be the subject to jailbreak.

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