Showbox is Working Again and We Finally have an Explanation for its Functionality Issues

At the end of November, Showbox, the popular streaming app for Android stopped working. This unpleasant situation happened right after Moviebox, a similar app for iOS users, acted in the same way. The incident affected a lot of people who like to watch their favorite programs through the platforms and they expressed their frustration on social media.

Although at first, it seemed to be a small glitch, the issue wasn’t fixed for days. At the beginning of December Showbox started to work again, but only for a few days. At first, users thought that app is being shutdown due to legal matters. This idea was supported by a Moviebox fan who said that they received a message from developers stating that the APK will no longer be available.

As we can imagine, negative reports started piling up as Showbox users were very unhappy about the ON and OFF situation, especially since there was no official explanation about what might have caused this problem. Recently, the streaming app started to work again and developers revealed the reason why it stopped working.

It looks like legal matters went to declining the platform’s services

Showbox’s developers used the same network, Twitter, to explain why fans weren’t able to use their services for a while. Just as most people expected, the situation went out of control because the app provides free, unauthorized access to movies and TV shows. Normally, people have to pay for this content and producers are not happy with the idea that someone accesses it without respecting their copyright.

According to the developer’s promise, everything is solved now, but many online security experts say that it is better to avoid using Showbox or Moviebox. Among others, it can damage your phone or, even worse, you could end up into an ugly lawsuit.

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