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Showbox is one of the most popular streaming apps available now. Millions of people who like to watch movies or LIVE shows on their Android devices started to use it as soon as it appeared. However, the APK is a controversial one and it has been so ever since it was released.

The uncertainty around Showbox grew during the last month. At the end of November, the app stopped working for a few days. The same thing happened to Moviebox, an app designed with the same purpose for iOS users. Because the two streaming platforms started to work again after a few days, people blamed their functioning issues on technical matters.

Unfortunately, they changed their mind a few days after the recovery, when both apps stopped working again. This second ”blackout” made users think that their free time companion is terminated for legal issues.

Indeed, the unauthorized use of copyright protected material put Showbox’s developers into a lawsuit started by a group of movie studios. For this reason, the team officially announced that they are shutting down Showbox and Moviebox for good.

What is going on now

Hearing this, fans started to look for alternatives and found some good ones. In fact, more and more people who like to have the latest movies and shows at the tip of their finger turned their attention to legal providers, even if this means to pay for a monthly subscription.

After all the fuss about legal matters, Showbox developers decided to update the app and release it again. However, they advised fans to use a VPN for avoiding functionality and copyright trouble.

Recently, some fans used Tiwtter to announce the community that their favorite platform is back on with some surprises. On the other hand, not everybody is willing to riks and use Showbox again.

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