TubeMate New Update Available with Improved UI

People who like to travel a lot know how hard it is to find something useful to do until they reach their destination. The best alternative to pass the time is to listen to your favorite music or watch music videos. Sometimes, we cannot access the Internet, so we cannot have access to the platforms which share this content.

Fortunately, some cool apps are here to the rescue. TubeMate is one of those tools that allow its users to download music and videos from a lot of streaming sites. Once the footages are on your device, it’s easy to watch them anytime, anywhere.

TubeMate can be downloaded on Android devices

People who use devices with Android and have used TubeMate are very happy with their choice. The app facilitates the download of music and videos from a lot of streaming platforms, like Vimeo, YouTube and others. Besides, it’s very easy to use, once you know the right tricks.

  1. The app is free to use and helps people download the latest videos and music they can find online on their Android devices. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in MP3 converter, so users can turn their videos into tracks;
  2. TubeMate helps users create their own free Podcast;
  3. A special media download system makes it work better and faster than many similar apps

Every good thing can be improved, as long as you know some precious tips. Let’s see how we can enhance TubeMate’s functionality.

  • It’s better if you save some storage space, especially on mid-range smartphones that have around 16GB of storage. A microSD card is helpful as well;
  • You can look for the video you want to download faster by using the app’s UI;
  • Make sure that you download the app from an official source and that you follow the instructions provided throughout the process.

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