Fallout 76’s Lunch Boxes Are a Pretty Name for the Loot Boxes They Said They’d Never Add

Who doesn’t need a lunch box when you need to grab a bite as you kill your enemies? But would you need it for your character in Fallout 76? It wouldn’t be harmful to have one…

Nonetheless, lunch boxes are not that nice when you think of it. It sure sounds more like loot boxes to us than lunch boxes, and with the rough beginning Bethesda’s had with their RPG, there’s no way this could be a good PR move for the game. Players are already frustrated by the bugs and unpolished looks, so adding loot boxes to the store is not the best move.

Right now, the game has a microtransaction system, but you get exactly what you pay for – which means there are no loot boxes. Until they add some.

According to an article published by PC Gamer, Bethesda might add “loot boxes” that would be these lunch boxes we talked about so far. The changelog of the latest patch showed a few strings in the code that talk about “lunch boxes,” which can also “explode in a shower of confetti and balloons.” Apart for the eye candy, they can offer a variety of things like “party favours and gift bags” and even buffs and bonuses that affect gameplay.

Lunch Boxes – The Problem With Loot Boxes

So, what’s the problem with loot boxes here? While you might argue that perhaps these lunch boxes appear as an item you earn in-game, the code says otherwise:

ATX_Entitlement_Category_Store_TEST EDID changed to ATX_Entitlement_Category_Store_Lunchboxes

ATX_Entitlement_Category_Store_PerkCardPacks full name removed

The term “ATX” is for the Atom Shop, which is the microtransaction storefront in Fallout 76. We don’t know how the lunch boxes will work in the game, but with all the critics the game has received from everyone, it could not possibly be received too well.

And you can tell when things don’t go well since Bethesda said that microtransactions would only be for cosmetics. A lunch box must contain more than something cosmetic, right? We will see in the future patches if the code gets activated.

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