The December Security Patch Update Arrives on Motorola Devices

As most smartphone users know, every month comes with security updates. This December has been very busy, because phone companies introduced enhanced security on most of their devices. These days, Motorola started this process and the first ones to receive the December patches are Moto G, G4 Plus, G5, G5s, X4, Z3, Z2 Play and E5 Play.

Like in every other case, this event comes with a lot of benefits:

  • Improved device performance;
  • Solving bugs or other flaws
  • Better security and safer online operations.

The first ones to receive the December security update were Moto Z2 Play, G and e5 Play. This happened at the beginning of the month. Recently, other smartphones from the same company welcomed better security features: X4, Z3, G5, G5s and G4 Plus.

The news about Motorola’s recent activity was made public through the company’s official Support page

You might be wondering how people can be sure that their smartphone received the security update or not. Firstly, the announcement about this event was published through maintenance release notes on the Support page from Motorola’s official website. This note suggests that the mentioned devices have improved security thanks to the December patches.

Like you already know, the patches released every month are a way to fix any flaw or security breach that might appear and interfere with the phone’s functionality. They are necessary because new challenges appear very often and new cyber-threats appear every day.

In case the December security update didn’t arrive on your handset automatically, don’t worry! It is OTA version, so you should receive a pop-up notification when it does. Once you see this message, you can proceed with the download and install, but make sure that your devices is connected to a Wi-Fi network and that you have over 50% battery.

It’s easy to install the update. You just have to follow the instructions. When you’re done, restart the smartphone and that’s all!

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