Xbox Scarlett Might Outperform PlayStation 5 In The Next-Gen Consoles

Although neither Sony nor Microsoft has confirmed the future PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett (if that would be the name, indeed), rumors have already emerged on forums and blogs debating the next-gen consoles. Judging on what we know so far about both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, the latter would outperform Sony’s next-generation console.

Taking the current-gen consoles into consideration, Sony is by far superior to Microsoft as regarding the sales, architecture, and more. Accordingly, PlayStation 4 sold more than 80 million copies, which is enormous in comparison to the Xbox One.

When it came out, Xbox One was focusing more on the general functions rather than centering on the gaming features. However, Microsoft tried to address the issues with the release of Xbox One X which centered on high-end services such as 4K support. By making that move and improving its console, Microsoft scored more Xbox One X sales than Xbox One totaled in its first months on the market.

Xbox Scarlett Might Outperform PlayStation 5 In The Next-Gen Consoles

“Xbox One sales show the highest growth of the three major hardware platforms in the US this year, and the Xbox One X, in particular, has been performing phenomenally,” says a report released by NPD’s Mat Piscatella.

However, the situation might change with the release of next-gen consoles. According to recent reports and rumors, the so-called Xbox Scarlett might outperform PlayStation 5. In particular, as it has been the case with Xbox One X, cross-play would also be under Microsoft’s focus with Xbox Scarlett.

In addition to that, rumors talk about the Adaptive Controller and Microsoft’s experimentation levels which would both be exciting. Also, Xbox revived it current-gen console with Xbox X One, so Microsoft is going to keep itself on the same track. Also, according to other rumors, Xbox Scarlett would boast Zen 2 and Navi architecture to deliver games at 4K and 60 FPS.

In short, taking all that into account, Xbox Scarlett might outperform PlayStation 5. We’ll find out more about both consoles next year, in particular about Sony’s PS5 which might be officially announced before E3 2019.

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