Apple Leak Comes with New iPhone Design, But Not Next Year

According to the Apple leaker Ice Universe, the next-gen iPhones will look just like the iPhone X. And this means that Apple has to come up with some feature that sells. What is more frustrating than this is that 5G support has also been delayed to 2020.

Nonetheless, Apple surely has something up its sleeve to please the iPhone customers now that some of the new design and specs have been delayed. And that may be a feature that was previously canceled. This is what Ice Universe wrote on Twitter about the 2019 iPhones:

Apple does plan ahead for their devices, so it’s not too early to speculate or have leaks on 2020 iPhones, and there is a lot of time in between to find out if Ice Universe’s information is correct.

The company does have a patent on that camera holes in display and the manufacturing processes required for it. Unlike Samsung, Apple doesn’t have a display manufacturing branch, but they are studying the technology that will surely be revealed in the next months.

We’ve seen Samsung and Huawei launch devices with the displays having camera holes, and the Galaxy S10 will come with a very impressive Infinity-O screen. There is no information on the SoD technology from Samsung yet, but we hope we will see it demonstrated at CES 2019.

Ditching the Notch?

If Apple does take upon this leaked design in 2020, this means the iPhones will have to keep their Face ID feature without the need of having a notch. We did mention that the Galaxy S10 should come with an amazing design, but that’s because it doesn’t have such a complex 3D face recognition feature like the iPhone X, allowing Samsung to play with the display.

Face ID needs a few more holes in the screen, which is why Apple chose the notch design for their latest iPhones starting with 2017 – to get rid of Touch ID, add a brand new unlocking feature and also extend the display.

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