Far Cry 5 Is Now On Discount In Preparation For Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry 5 rolled out in March 2018 for $60 for a full copy. Now, in preparation for Far Cry New Dawn, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Far Cry 5 are on discount. You can now buy the game for only $20 at BestBuy. That’s the most significant discount on Far Cry 5 since the title rolled out, and most likely, that’s happening because the Far Cry New Dawn title is going to come out in February 2019.

Far Cry New Dawn Is The Direct Sequel To Far Cry 5

Since Far Cry New Dawn is the direct sequel to Far Cry 5, it would be ideal to catch up with the storyline in Far Cry 5 before the second episode of the series rolls out in February 2019.

The action in Far Cry New Dawn is set 17 years after the end of the Far Cry 5 storyline and takes place in the same geographical region and will feature one or more characters from Far Cry 5; we just don’t know yet how many.

Far Cry 5 Is Now On Discount In Preparation For Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry 5 is an open-world first-person shooter set in Hope County, Montana, that’s led by an apocalyptic cult headed by Joseph Seed. You are a federal deputy, and you’re sent to place Seed in custody. The things, however, do not go as planned, and you’ll find yourself alone in a massive and hostile area.

“Despite some brief irritations and missed opportunities with its narrative, spending time in the world of Hope County remains absolutely delightful. Far Cry 5 boasts a wonderfully harmonious flow to its adventure, with its smart changes to exploration, discovery, and progression distinctly bolstering the enjoyment of creatively engaging and experimenting with its spectacular open world,” wrote Edmond Tran on GameSpot in a Far Cry 5 review.

Now, you can catch up with the story before the launch of Far Cry New Dawn since the Far Cry 5 is now on discount on BestBuy.

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