SHAREit 4.6.38_ww Is Now Available With A Couple Of New Enhancements

Transferring of files between devices is a common activity, but when it comes to the methods of sharing files, the ‘mainstream’ ones, such as Bluetooth transfer, are getting outdated as new ways for sharing files came out. Now, we’re having dozens of other options to choose from, and SHAREit is one of the best for transferring files between the supported platforms. SHAREit 4.6.38_ww is now available for download with a couple of new enhancements.

SHAREit Comes Packed With Lots Of Features

The before-mentioned Bluetooth transfer method, for example, is slow and requires devices to be in the range of their Bluetooth modems to send and receive files. That’s why we need other methods to share files between devices.

SHAREit is one of the most popular and appreciated solutions to transfer images, documents, GIFs, videos, apps, and many more, cross-platform. And, according to its official description, SHAREit is by 200 times faster than Bluetooth, reaching a speed of up to 20 Mbps.

Besides its primary function, which is sharing files at high speeds between various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac), SHAREit also comes with a built-in multimedia player and also offers users access to trending music and online videos to watch offline.

SHAREit 4.6.38_ww Is Now Available With A Couple Of New Enhancements

The new SHAREit 4.6.38_ww, even though it doesn’t bring any changes at the user interface level, comes with a couple of enhancements under the hood, which are meant to boost stability and performance.

According to the official SHAREit 4.6.38_ww release notes, the new version brings:

  • Optimized video page’s user experience
  • Improved transmission compatibility

SHAREit 4.6.38_ww for Android is already available for download on the Google Play Store from where more than 500 million users downloaded this excellent files sharing app. SHAREit 4.6.38_ww is running on Android 4.1. and up.

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