Amazon’s Echo Dot 3 and Google’s Home Mini: What Should You Choose

Amazon has just come with the third generation smart speakers called Echo Dot. And we know of Google Home Mini and how it makes a competition between these 2. now, you probably want to know which one is better. We’re here to answer that question to you.

There are some things to keep in mind if you want to buy one of them. There are plenty of features to take into account.

About looks

Both of the devices are quite similar in design. Echo Dot has its 4-button layout, and Home Mini has the touch buttons placed under the fabric shell. Echo weights a bit more, so it feels heavier than Home Mini.

For the body, the material used was ABS plastic, and the rubber bottom can prevent accidental slips. Echo Dot is covered in woven fabric, and Home Mini covers the fabric that’s under the lights and the mics.

About mics

Echo comes with four large Far Field mics, that understand the word Alexa from 20m above. Home Mini understands the words ”Hey Google” at 10m above. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to hear Alexa, than Hey Google.

About power

Home Mini has a micro USB that is the power source, and it has 9W. Echo Dot 3 comes with a proprietary plug, which has 12V and can get to maximum 15W of power.

About sound

We’ve heard that Echo Dot 3 is 70% louder than its predecessor.  And that might be true. Home Mini lacks lower frequency sounds, so that’s a win for Echo Dot.

External Speakers

Echo dot kept the 3.5mm audio jack – so you can still connect external speakers to it. When it comes to Home Mini, you cannot do this. You will have to use Bluetooth connectivity. Echo Dot also has Bluetooth.



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