Firefox Rocket (Lite): Everything You Need To Know About The Browser

A couple of years ago Facebook released a Lite version for its app. The same thing happened for the Messenger app. These lite versions proved to be an amazing solution for countries where the internet connection is not as stable as it should be, and they helped users with their data consumption. Now Mozilla released Firefox Rocket, which is a Lite version of Firefox. Let’s take a look at it.

Mozilla Firefox Rocket Review

The main Firefox browser is centred around privacy. However, don’t expect that from Rocket. The main priority of this browser is allowing users to access the Internet even in areas with poor speeds, and it manages to do that very well.

Rocket also comes with a feature that allows users to take screenshots of webpages. This can be incredibly useful if you are trying to save mobile data. You just need to tap the scissors icon in the browser and the site will be saved as an image. This means that you can read it even offline and you won’t need to spend any more data for it.

Mozilla also added a Night Mode feature which is much appreciated. Using the Dark Mode is a lot easier on the eyes. More than that, it is known that this mode can also help users save their battery life, which is another advantage.

Rocket comes with most of the functions and benefits of the main Firefox browser. The user interface is just as simple to use, and tools such as Favorites and Bookmarking work just as well in Firefox Rocket. The size has also been considerably reduced. The main browser has 33.78 MB, while Firefox Lite has been reduced 3.07 MB, fitting on anyone’s smartphone.

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