Former Hearthstone Developers Working on New Marvel Game

It’s easy to get excited when you hear the word ‘Marvel’ considering it has had great success not only in the movie department but also in the video game industry. Last year’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games has been released as an exclusive for PlayStation 4, and it was in the top popular games of 2018. The game was more than successful, and the fact that there is a new untitled Marvel in the works from a studio filled with developers that worked at Blizzard is nothing but great news.

The former head director at Blizzard’s Hearthstone left the studio and took some of Blizzard’s employees with him to create an indie company that goes by the name Second Dinner. Until now, we had no idea what they were planning to create, but now we do!

It seems that they got almost $30 funding from NetEase which will be used to create a mobile title in the Marvel universe. The Second Dinner team moved in California and set up an office, hiring people to help create the game.

A CCG Marvel Game?

As for what the game will look like, its story or the genre, we still don’t know yet. And there’s, of course, no mention of a probable release date either. However, some people speculate that if most of the employees worked on Hearthstone which is massively successful, then they could be working on a CCG game based on the heroes and villains in the Marvel universe. Of course, this is just speculation, and there are many other CCG on the market and it would a Marvel CCG could struggle with the competition. Moreover, Marvel has already made its entrance in that market.

Considering they’re just starting to develop the game, we will have to wait and see what the dev team plans for the Marvel fans and if we get lucky we will get a sneak peek of their project.

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