Android Q Might Come With a System-Wide Dark Mode

Considering many Android apps from Google have started to support dark mode, there is a possibility that we could see Android Q come with a system-wide dark mode.

Back in 2018, we got apps like Contacts, Google News, Messages, the Pixel Launcher, Phone, YouTube and some parts of the Maps app get a darker theme. This mode is a lot friendlier with our smartphone’s battery and our eyes!

“Dark mode is an approved Q feature”

We all wanted to see Dark Mode on Android Pie, but it, unfortunately, did not happen, so maybe Android Q would be the one that will finally introduce it. And although there’s a long time until we get some sneak peeks into Android Q, a Googler – Lukasz Zbylut, raised our hopes even higher by posting this next statement on the Chromium bug tracker

Dark mode is an approved Q feature […] The Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps support dark mode natively. In order to ship dark mode successfully, we need all UI elements to be ideally themed dark by May 2019.

He continues to tell the Chrome team to make a setting in the browser where it can enable Dark Mode and to make modifications to suit the dark theme. He also asked for a master setting for Darkmode that should be found under Settings -> Display -> Dark Mode in Q, later changing it to Display -> NightMode.

The thread on the Chromium Bug Tracker is now inaccessible for people outside Googler, which means that the secrecy should imply dark mode is not just a rumor, but legit. However, we all have saved a screenshot of the essential text:

According to the report from Android Police, the post also had internal links to Google documents that were not accessible by them, but it surely means that the Android teams are really considering the Dark Mode.

The system-wide dark mode could appear early this year for the developer preview or wait until the public release of Android Q. Let’s hope that all apps get ready for the Dark Mode so that they don’t push it for Android R!

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