PlayStation 5: Latest Specs and Rumors

Considering PS4 is five years old, you would expect to hear more people asking themselves: what is next? Sony canceled the E3 briefing this year, so what should we think of that? No more info on the next-gen PlayStation?

According to the site SemiAccurate, there are some PS5 specs leaked, and looking at their previous leaks on the Nintendo Switch and PS4, we should check them out and hope they are true. Honestly, right now any news is good news!

Here are the Rumored PS5 Specs

The next-gen console will use AMD’s Navi, and it will have a Zen-based CPU (possibly the latest chip version – could it be this year’s Zen 2?).

Although unconfirmed, many PS5 devkits have gone out, and according to the author of the article on SemiAccurate, with so many devkits out, the PS5 was supposed to launch last year – which means it could launch later this year or in early 2020. However, this is – although vague, good news, as it could also mean an incoming announcement from Sony.

The PSVR fans will also get excited about the PS5 as Sony might blend PSVR 2 with their console. This means higher resolution and higher detailed PSVR games with room-scale VR games and apps.

The PS5 will also use a new type of memory and at least match the PS4 Pro GDDR5 memory of 8 GB – probably even double it!

More Rumors: 4K at 60 FPS and Backwards Compatibility

Since the PS4 Pro is capable of great performance, PS5 should provide 4K at a minimum of 60 FPS. We are also hoping that Sony takes the next step and continues to surpass our expectations – it would be great to see the PS5 get Backwards Compatibility right from the launch so that we get to play all the PS4 titles in native 4K at 60 FPS!

As for the launch, here are more thoughts on why releasing the PS5 earlier is both a good idea and a bad idea.

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