WhatsApp Update: Get Ready for the 2019 Features

2019 is about to become better, since WhatsApp will come with many new features for its users. We’ve written this article to tell you what should you expect from the app this year.

We know that WhatsApp is still the most famous messaging service, with about 1.5 billion users around the globe. People keep getting the app due to the fact that it gets upgrades constantly, and users try new things all the time.

You should keep in mind that there is no confirmation for any of this, but there are many rumors out there that might be speaking the truth.

The dark mode

Many people have been waiting for these features, and it will come soon to use. There’ve been many hints about this feature, and it’s bound to change the way your smartphone screen looks.

Huge companies, like Google and Apple have already released their “dark mode” software, and Facebook wants to follow this path, too, for Messenger. As WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook, we think there’s no other way around.

Improved security

It was always clear with WhatsApp that we had end-to-end encryption which kept our messages safe. But when someone takes your phone and it’s not locked, it’s not about the end-to-end encryption anymore.

A new feature is to come that will require users to touch their phone’s fingerprint scanner to open the app.

Voice messages

This one is the most popular feature right now. You are to press the microphone icon from the chat and record a message, that can be heard by the person you’re talking to.

You’re about to get the ability to send consecutive voice messages, and WhatsApp queuing them to get send one after another.







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