iPhone 11 to Come with a Smaller Notch

Nowadays, most of the companies want to minimize the bezels and notches as much as they can for their smartphones, so it’s normal why Apple would want the same thing for its future devices – iPhone 11. And there’s a new tech that can help them a lot.

What’s this new tech we’re talking about?

AMS is an Austrian company that gives to Apple optical sensors for the TrueDepth camera – only for the iPhone XS range. This company recently announced that a new optical sensor is able to measure the ambient light from behind the OLED screen. They also said it comes with a proximity sensor that makes its work from behind the screen.

In the official announcement, the Senior Marketing Manager from AMS said that the tech is able to allow the removal of the bezel entirely.

If we are to talk about Apple, this probably won’t be the case, due to the fact that the actual camera lens needs to be placed somewhere, and Apple won’t choose the pop-up system. However, they could choose to go for a smaller notch, since components aren’t going to be placed in it.

Are there any guarantees that this will happen?

Indeed, this tech exists and it’s amazing, but it doesn’t really mean that Apple will use it whatsoever. There are many reasons why it won’t do it. Maybe they have another plan in mind, maybe they’ve found another solution to the problem, or they don’t like this one.

And even if Apple chooses to go for this idea, and put the new sensors into its phones, it might not happen for the iPhone 11 series, since it’s already too late for the company to make any changes for this range.



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