New Samsung Galaxy S10 Renders Reveal a Beautiful Device

CES 2019 started today and many companies will reveal the latest electronic products in the following days. Many manufacturers will unveil bleeding edge devices that will set the trend for this year. While the show is incredibly popular some companies will skip the event in order showcase their devices during private events. Samsung and Apple lead the list as the former prefers the Mobile World Congress that will take in Barcelona later in February and Apple has often released their new devices during dry periods when there were no rival announcements.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the most anticipated devices of this year. The smartphone will mark the ten-year anniversary of the Galaxy series and the expectations are quite high.

The S9 and S9+ weren’t too popular among fans. The biggest highlight was represented by a beautiful camera but rivals like Google Pixel and Huawei stole the crown by offering devices that were able to capture better photos. A lack of new features and bland design choices made the two smartphone looked like minimal upgrades that deserved to be skipped.

In order to recover the lost ground Samsung has been working hard as it aims to craft a truly remarkable device. It is likely that Samsung will opt to use a bold new design with minimal bezels and an improved Super AMOLED display that will look amazing. The front camera may see a modification, becoming a part of the screen in the form of a small hole in the display.

The device will also receive a major security bump with the inclusion of the latest ultrasonic in-display finger print sensor that is will be more accurate than all the other sensors that are currently available for mobile devices. The smartphone will be powered by the latest processor developed by Qualcomm, a choice that may signal the inclusion of support for 5G networks.

Several renders can be found on the internet with some being ‘’leaked’’ and others made by creative fans.

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