The Windows 10 Version of Chrome will Receive a New Update

Chrome remains the most popular browser in the world offering features that keep it above competitors like Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Google is working hard in order to improve the browser constantly and new functionalities are added constantly. In order to prevent major bugs, new features are introduced in a special test version of the browser known as Google Canary.

Dark modes have become more popular in recent years. The modes were adopted by Windows 10 and macOS , a change that made them even more popular.

In most cases first-party apps are able to switch to dark mode when a user decides to enable it. The story is a bit different when we are talking about third-party programs.  In 2018 users discovered that a bug related to a dark mode that was described on the Chromium blog.

Select sources claim that Google was worried about confused users that wouldn’t be able to make the difference between a dark mode and its popular incognito view mode. At that point the feature was linked to the macOS version, leaving Windows users in the air.

A Google employee has recently declared that the company hasn’t abandoned the dark mode. A unique aesthetic is being developed but until a stable version sees the light of day those that use the stable release of Chrome will have to download a theme extension.

The release of a dark mode for the Google Canary version is a clear hint that it will become available at some point in the future. It seems that the mode will make an appearance on the Windows 10 version.  Those that want to test the feature right now can install the Canary version manually.

The test browser can be quickly downloaded from the official page. After the installation process is complete follow these steps:

  • Right click on the shortcut and click on properties.
  • Add –force-dark-mode in the Target Field Box where you can see ‘’chrome.exe’’.
  • Run the program and see if it works.
  • An official release should take on January 29 when a new stable build will be released.

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