Amazon Works On A Video Games Streaming Platform to Compete With Google and Microsoft, Reportedly

Amazon wants to compete against other tech giants in the emerging market of video games streaming platforms. Reportedly, Amazon is already working on a streaming service for games, and, even more, some rumors suggest that Amazon’s platform would come out in 2020.

However, Amazon is not the first company to enter the field of streaming video games. Google, for example, is already testing its Project Stream which, a few months ago, showed how Assassin’s Creed Odyssey runs in Google Chrome in a web-based environment. Microsoft, on the other hand, works on Project xCloud.

Video game streaming services represent the future of gaming, according to many analysts, and Amazon wants to grab a share of that emerging market. One of the advantages of Amazon over the two before-mentioned tech giants is that it has a much superior infrastructure for such a platform. It possesses more servers and has the backing of a solid virtual cloud around the world.

Reportedly, Amazon Would Release Its Own Video Games Streaming Platform in 2020 To Compete With Google and Microsoft

The first rumors about Amazon’s streaming service for games emerged on the Internet thanks to some job ads that point, in no hidden way, to the future video game streaming platform of Amazon.

As if that were not enough, Amazon is not a stranger to the universe of video games. Besides being one of the leading distributors of physical video games, it also owns Twitch, the most popular game live streaming service in the world.

According to some recent rumors, Amazon is indeed working on its own video games streaming platform. Even more, some of those rumors point out to 2020 as the release date of the Amazon’s streaming service for games. However, Amazon has not yet confirmed the news. Nonetheless, it would make sense for Amazon to join the emerging market of video games streaming platforms.

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