Clash Royale Massive Update Live In a Few Weeks

The last time Clash Royale tweeted about the new meta provided by @deckshoppro, we talked about the new changes for various cards. We also provided a few tips and tricks to tweak your decks to win more games.

On their Reddit thread, the Clash Royale team made a huge announcement and we cannot be more excited! Not only will they present each week what they’ve been working on, but they already stated what they will bring with the next update.

And here’s where things get even better: the next update could be huge!

Weekly Threads: What is The Clash Royale Team Up To?

Thanks to a Reddit user’s idea (azor4lion), the Clash Royale team decided to make weekly threads and update their players with their work in progress.

The first thread was published a few hours ago. It is supposed to make players interact with the team and ask questions and discuss. They stated that the thread will be monitored and that they will reply to question.

As for the great news, here it is:

This week the whole team was fully back together after the holiday break so first things first – planning for the year ahead.

Main things we discussed this week:

  • Delivering something ENTIRELY NEW. A new way to play Royale?
  • Clan Wars 2.0
  • Fixing all the cool stuff we already have and making our existing features as good as they can be
  • Trade Token UI
  • Optional update to fix some bugs

According to their post, the first three parts are of high level interest, although they “have no idea what Clan Wars 2.0 is.” The team explained that they have a ton of ideas and want to work on them, but haven’t set in stone anything yet.

And the second great news is that the first update this year will go live at the end of January or the start of February! Will one or all the first three points of discussion appear in a few weeks? We’ll hope for the best!

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