GVG Mall Offers Windows Licenses And More Microsoft Products At Massive Discounts

Everyone knows that Windows and Microsoft software licenses, in general, are truly expensive, but they’re also necessary. For the tech giant’s Windows 10 Pro, you would have to pay $305 if you were to get it from the official Microsoft Store. Thankfully, 2019 comes with other affordable alternatives, and you can use the costs saving that you’ll be able to enjoy to purchase more products or if you’re an enthusiast gamer, some pretty hot games.

GVGMall, the best place to get exciting deals for software and games

The cheaper alternative to the official Microsoft Store is GVGMall. This is an online marketplace, a trading platform for various virtual services that offers users the best deals and secure purchases of online games, software, and other virtual goods. It’s time to save some cash while you’re getting that software or game license that Santa forgot to bring.

Save 20% on software

Digital Overload readers get the chance to save 20% of any software, by simply using the code DD20. Here are the best offers that you’ll be able to enjoy:

As you can see, by simply using the code DD20, you can get the discount for all Microsoft products listed on the platform.

Easy purchase process

The platform claims that it couldn’t work more straightforward and after testing it ourselves we agree entirely. For instance, we planned to get the  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL link. We simply followed the link and proceed to click on “Buy Now.”

When the registration window pops up, you can register or simply use your Facebook, G+ or Windows Live accounts.

After successfully logging in, we just proceeded to the product’s confirmation page and clicked on Send Order and Input the 20% discount code which in this case is DD20. Then, we headed over to the payment method page, and after the payment was completed, in a few seconds, we got redirected to the page with the newly purchased keys.

With the key, all that’s left to do is head over to the official Microsoft website, sign in, validate the license, download and install Windows 10 Pro and we were good to go. We totally recommend that you try it yourself and save a lot of time and cash.

You can also enjoy the key for games that they offer on the website by using the 3% discount for the game key. The code is DD3 for Digital Overload readers. Have fun!

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