WhatsApp Update Will Introduce Fingerprint Lock Feature for Android and iOS

Finally, we can unlock WhatsApp with something else than passwords or locker apps! WhatsApp will roll an update that will introduce a new handy feature. Users will be able to lock and unlock chats with the fingerprint sensor or whatever biometric authentication they have on their smartphones.

Android users will be able to set a fingerprint lock on the app and so will iPhone users. Last year’s reports showed that iPhone users would have Touch ID and Face ID as protection on WhatsApp.

For now, WhatsApp doesn’t have an in-app lock feature, and according to Alan Kao’s last year’s report (a Software Engineer at WhatsApp), there have been many requests for this type of feature.

To lock WhatsApp, you must use a third-party app for that, and in most cases, users do tend to use these kinds of apps which are unsafe – many of these apps were malware or adware. These third-party apps also clutter and slow down smartphones.

So why not make locking a part of WhatsApp?

The company will soon be officially announced since it has been spotted in the beta versions of the app. A report on WABetainfo stated the following details on the feature:

“After working to implement Face ID and Touch ID features on iOS (that aren’t available yet for development reasons), WhatsApp has finally started to work on the Authentication feature on Android, using your Fingerprint!”

As you can see in the photo from WABetaInfo above, the biometric lock in WhatsApp will be found in the Privacy settings. The user will also be able to set a PIN.

To open WhatsApp, users will have to use their biometric authentication or PIN (if set up). This feature will be used to lock the app, which means that you cannot lock particular chats.

Among the other features WhatsApp is working on, they’re also improving audio messages – such as preview them before sending them to a contact.

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