Firefox 69 Would Ditch Adobe Flash Player In September 2019

Adobe Flash Player has been a program that, for a few years now, has been surrounded by controversy due to the multiple vulnerabilities it presented. Accordingly, Flash Player is an increasing danger to our computer. With those security flaws in mind, the devs behind Firefox decided to quit using Adobe Flash Player in the next Firefox 69 version.

Currently, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox is 64, so we’ll still use Flash Player until September 2019 when the Firefox 69 version would roll out without support for the Adobe’s software. However, Firefox 69 would boas its own Flash-Player-like plugin, following the example set by Google Chrome, already.

For its part, Adobe is going to shut down the Flash Player project in 2020, also due to the repetitive vulnerabilities that have caused the app to become a threat for its users.

Firefox 69 Would Ditch Adobe Flash Player

As usually happens during the development of new Firefox updates, the Adobe Flash Player would be disabled at first in Nightly versions of the Internet browser, before the change reaches the beta versions, and then the final version. Thus, the next step for Mozilla is to eliminate compatibility with the Adobe Flash Player completely, so, from early 2020, the final versions of Firefox will no longer work with the Adobe plugin.

Next, the Extended Support Release or ESR version of the program will be the next, all before Adobe itself abandons its software. Therefore, Mozilla will completely block Flash in Firefox as of 2021, as the lack of security updates from Adobe would mean that users might be more exposed than ever to possible attacks thanks to the vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player.

Similarly, both Google and Microsoft have already announced their plans to abandon Adobe Flash Player plugins when Adobe itself would ditch the software. The feature standard would become HTML5 so that all other Internet browsers would disable the plugin by default in future updates.

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