Samsung Galaxy M Series, Officially Announced

Samsung Galaxy M, the new range of phones that Samsung is going to introduce for 2019, has been in the news for some time now. The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, has already announced the Galaxy M lineup, officially, via a series of promotional images confirming the existence of this smartphones.

Samsung also confirmed that the Galaxy M series will be officially launched on January 28th. The Galaxy M lineup is Samsung’s new mid-range devices, and the brand’s first models to boast a notch on their screen.

The first leaked images make it clear that Samsung seeks to attract the young public with these Galaxy M devices. Younger consumers have turned to Chinese brands, which offer excellent performance at low prices, so, with this new lineup of affordable, high-specs smartphones, the  South Korean company want to increase its sales among teens and young adults.

Samsung Galaxy M Series, Officially Announced

The launch of the Galaxy M series in India has been the only one confirmed for the time being. In the country, the Galaxy M lineup would roll out online, at first, and it would be available on Amazon or Samsung’s official website.

As for the series’ design, Samsung is betting on a notch on the screen. On the devices’ back, we find a dual-camera setup, located vertically, and a fingerprint sensor situated next to the cameras. We do not know anything about Galaxy M series’ specs, beyond the leaks that emerged online during the past weeks.

Samsung announces that these Galaxy M will be powerful but affordable smartphones, at the same time. The South Korean tech giant said that the Galaxy M lineup would come out with a high-end display, a powerful camera, a long-lasting battery, and a performant processor. Accordingly, we should expect some high-end Galaxy M devices at low-end prices.

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