Best Sims 4 Mods: Stunning Buildings, Interiors and More

What we all love to do when we start a new Sims 4 game is to create our sim and then jump right to customizing and building our house. If you want something different for your sim, you can find many mods that will tweak Sim Emotions, Moods and Personality, or that will also introduce Sim Traits, Careers, and Tweak Looks, and our latest mod which adds more items to your interior design and a few additions for the outdoors.

Today we will go further and check out the best mods that add stunning new ways to build themed houses, rooms and more. You should also check our installing guide to make sure that the mods you want to install work together and will not crash the game.

The Mars Human Colony

With all the terraforming Mars craze lately, you can experience it in Sims by adding this mod. It will come with bubble houses connected by walkways and air-tight corridors. It’s like a small green neighborhood in the middle of a desolate place.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch House

Get your black cat ready for this awesome magical house recreated from the Netflix original show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It has an amazing décor too. Although not really similar to the house, the mod is perfect if combined with the sorcerer mod!

The Simpsons House

Talking about themed houses, try the Simpson House, and you won’t regret it. It does have a little more stuff inside for the Sim to interact with – like a pool, a basement and some more. Also, you must also have the “My first pet” stuff for it.

Small Venice

This mod is very detailed and amazing. It adds quirky houses, waterways and so many romantic decorations. The design is spectacular, and once you see how it’s built, it makes you want to try building it yourself! 

Tropical Manor

Try this exotic manor surrounded by natural swimming pools, walkways that connect buildings and a lot of outdoor living spaces. This place will be your favorite getaway from the busy urban life.

Rumanov Castle

If a manor is too little for your precious Sim, then go live in this original castle that is huge, luxurious, and has its own backstory!

Go to School

You can follow your child or teen when they go to Elementary School or High School and watch them attend classes, learn skills and interact with their colleagues.

Old French Village

This mod will make you feel like in a Disney setting with ten styles of cottages, a bridge, a castle on top of the village, a hidden garden, a cafe, a pub and a stream that cascades through the village. It really feels like a fairytale!

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