Define PlayStation 5: Sony Asks Users Feedback for Improving Console Gaming

Sony hasn’t mentioned a thing about PlayStation 5, but they released a survey for select PlayStation users to ask them what they want from the gaming console. It shows that the company is thinking about what users want from the next-gen console.

According to a report from Twisted Voxel, the survey was sent to several users who were asked what they wanted when it came to improving PlayStation gaming experience. While the survey doesn’t indicate that they are talking about the PS5, it really sounds like the requested opinions on console gaming would be the features Sony might include in the next console.

Here is the message sent with the survey:

Hi, we’d really like to hear your opinions on console gaming.

This helps us plan for the future of PlayStation – and improve the experience for you and all of our players. It won’t take up much of your time and we really do appreciate you taking part.

When talking about the future of PlayStation, we think of E3 2019, and how Sony won’t attend because they have nothing to show. However, speculations circulate that the company might host this year the PlayStation Experience event to officially announce the future console. However, it’s nothing official.

Will this survey end up with Sony adding some of the requested features in the next console?

The PS4 has been a great console so far, but it wasn’t perfect – some people wanted that backward compatibility to play their PS3 games without buying remasters of the titles or the PlayStation Now streaming service.

What will the PlayStation 5 look like and what features could Sony include? As rumors and opinions from game devs go, the company might redesign the controllers, add more RAM or better incorporate the PlayStation VR tech.

These are only a few of the many questions we’ll have to find out this year – be sure to check us out for more updates.

What would you want to see in the future of PlayStation?

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