Does iPhone Have Serious Problems?

We’ve seen what Apple has in its mind through all the leaks, however, we won’t get to see those designs soon. They also want to cut the prices, and with that, we also got some information about some new problems.

According to a parter of Apple, the problems of the iPhone are now known by everybody and they even leaked a report to all the investors – the reveal another price cut. However, be careful if you want to upgrade.

TSMC is the company that did this to Apple. This company is the sole supplier of the A-series chips that are used in all the iPhones, and this partnership had brought a lot of money for both of them. however, the forecast is that it will suffer the biggest quarterly revenue fall  – in a decade – and it all happens due to the fact that there’s a sudden drop in the sales of the smartphones.

Will it save your money?

According to some sources, Wedbush, which is a very respected company has told its clients that Apple is expected to make more price cuts for iPhone XR in the following months.  They also said that Apple has to do with a code red situation, especially in China, where the lower-priced competition is coming from everywhere. In response to this, there will be more price reductions. So if you really want to get this new iPhone, you might have to wait a bit, but it will be worth the time,

Apple said that in 2019, iPhones will look a bit underwhelmed. They’re one year behind Samsung, when it comes to networking and design. However, Apple does some research in how to merge past and present biometrics – and this could be a huge deal for Apple. They also want to intrgrate long-distance 3D camera, so it’s safe to say that Apple has potentia

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