The Sims 4: Best 2 Things You Can Do In This Game

The game was initially released in 2000 and has met its popularity ever since. It continued to grow more and more every year, with expansion packs and different versions. The game is still as popular as it was when it first got released, getting to its forth game so far.

We’ve written this article to tell you some things you didn’t know you could do in The Sims 4.

Sylvan Glade

The Sims is also known for all of its hidden places and its cities. With graphics enhanced, we got more beautiful areas. Sylvan Glade is one of those places, but it can only be reached if the players know how to get access to its secrets. We’re talking about Willow Creek and Foundry Cove, where you can find the Sylvan Tree. The tree has to be watered in 3 consecutive visits. After that, a portal will appear and that’s the road to Sylvan Glade. You can fish for very rare fish and also find many other rare plants, vegetables and fruits.

The death flower

The death flower has been here since The Sims 3, and it continues to evolve in the game. When you lose your Sim’s life, the game finds ways to make it even better, by getting your Sim back to life.

However, you can only get the flower if you have 5 gardening skill. After you grow multiple plants, such as pomegranates and cherries, snapdragos and lilies, you get the option to create the Death Flower. If you have it in your inventory, you’ll give it to Death in exchange of your Sim’s life.Death love flowers, that’s for sure. And tricking Death is always nice.


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