Fortnite Comes with Ice Storm Challenge: Everything We Know So Far

If you were there for the Fortnite Ice Storm event, then you saw the Ice King come from his sphere and freeze the entire map. The event will probably change over time, but right now, it looks very familiar to us. It would be like that Halloween event, which gave up NPC monsters for players to farm for health, weapons, shields, and other gear equipment – that, if they didn’t kill you first.

What’s different about the monsters?

Those monsters are now back for the Ice Storm event, except they’re not Cube Monsters anymore, but Ice Monsters and they take part in the Ice Legion, which comes with a new set of challenges that may give you awesome rewards. They come as reskins, and their names have not been changed. There are many rumors about this event, and we heard about a grand boss battle coming soon.

What about challenges?

This event comes with 13 total challenges, of which three are live right now. There are two challenges that will go live every day for the rest of the week. Those 3 are Destroy Ice Fiends (0/250), Complete Ice Storm Challenges (6) and Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons To The Ice Legion (0/5,000). It might be a bit difficult at first to achieve all of them, but if we are to take a look at the Christmas event, you might have some time.

You need to keep in mind that the Ice Zombies don’t spawn from the frozen Flights, Polar or Hamlet parts of the map because the map is covered entirely in ice, fog and snow. This means that Ice Zombies can spawn anywhere. However, they’re quite different from the Cube Zombies, since there aren’t any dedicated spots that will always have them like it was with the rune spots.

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