Google Assistant Dark Mode Already Reached The Beta Version

Google plans to add dark themes to all its products, including web-based apps and Android applications. Therefore, Google Assitant couldn’t be excluded, and now, the Google Assistant dark mode already reached the Beta version of the app.

As we could find out from recent leaks, Android Q would focus on dark mode, so Google is maybe preparing the ground for the release of the next Android OS. But that won’t stop to Android-based apps and products of the giant Internet company, as Google plans to add a dark theme to all its apps and products.

“Just as Google finishes redesigning Assistant with more compact controls and rounded corners, the company is now developing a dark mode. Assistant is starkly white and overlays a bright sheet over every other app,” reported 9to5Google.

Google Assistant Dark Mode Already Reached The Beta Version

For the moment, the dark mode in the newest Google Assistant app beta version would automatically activate if your phone is running in battery saver mode or you’re changing the Night Mode setting under Developer Options to ‘Always on’ on your smartphone running Android 9 Pie. Also, currently, Google Assistant dark mode affects only the app’s cards, such as weather or flight cards.

“The latest Google app beta rolled out last night with cards that feature black backgrounds and white text. This is enabled when users have either the battery saver running, or if “Night mode” in Pie’s Developer options menu is ‘Always on,'” said Abner Li from 9to5Google.

It is clear that the feature is still under development since most of the Assistant interface is still white. Also, there are some under the hood stability issues, reportedly, as some of the cards load up very slow when the dark mode is on. Nonetheless, it is a Google Assistant beta version, so we should expect that the final variant with dark mode would not boast any critical bugs.

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