WhatsApp Crashes Temporarily: Does It Have To Do With The Limiting Of Forwards?

On Tuesday, WhatsApp broke down and people went nuts, especially on Twitter. Many have complained that after they cleared the data, the cache, after restarting the phone and uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, WhatsApp still did not work. Some slept through it, then woke up to a lot of spam massages. Some were really bothered by the time of the breakdown. What is the real cause of this?

We are all waiting for an official message

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users, both from iOS and Android operating systems, and they were not able to log into their app on Tuesday, according to some sources. We are waiting for an official answer from the company of why did this happen. Apparently, messages failed to send even after several attempts, and the app would not even load for some.

Also, we should keep in mind that WhatsApp does not maintain a status website to see the availability of the platform, or when the situation would be fixed, as reported by some sources.

Does the limiting of forwards have to do with it?

This breakdown came just a few hours after the messenger announce the fact that the company will be limiting the number of forwards for the users worldwide. This is already happening in India, and they are working to do it worldwide. They want to do this to limit hoaxes and rumors that can lead to violence or any kind of dangerous situations.

We had to deal with this before

This is the first time the app has crashed. In 2017, we had to deal with a similar issue as well, but we got up to our feet.

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