Surface Phone Project: Andromeda: Switching to iOS and Android?

Microsoft users are encouraged by the company to switch to iOS or Android, more user-friendly operating systems, as soon as possible. With that being said, it looks like the company wants to offer more attention to its Surface Book device.

According to a report by Apple Insider, all the smartphone support Microsoft has will be dropped this year. Customers were assured by the company that they will receive data backups.

Microsoft has a wide range of competitors that consistently were down riding the company with their amazing smartphones, so Microsoft decided to throw in the towel. As the company is a tech giant, it is time that the smartphone adventure ends, and other one proceed.

Surface Phone Project: Andromeda

With that being said, it means that Microsoft will also put an end to Andromeda, its surface phone project.  However, the company might move on with it according to Hindustan Times report. Andromeda is also a desktop experience aside of a smartphone project.

It will come in five different media forms including tablet, desktop, mobile, and other smart devices. Andromeda has been waited by fans since October of last year, but no official announcement had been offered until now.

Microsoft on Andromeda

Microsoft did not announce that Windows phones will receive any substitute. However, this company is great at keeping secrets, so we should expect some surprises.

No matter how secretive Microsoft can be, we think that 2019 will bring us that Andromeda.

According to the  Corporate Vice President, and Manager for Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore, in 2014 he announced that Microsoft would erase the Windows Phone from the market to make place for other mobile projects.

In the end, all is left for us to do is to wait and watch Microsoft’s steps.

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