Fortnite “Save The World” Co-op Mode Is As Good As The “Battle Royale” One

Fortnite is undoubtedly the most impressive game at the moment. At least, it is the most popular one now, and we literally can’t avoid news, ads, or content regarding Fortnite as it seems like the game is everywhere from the streets, where kids mimic Fortnite dances, to the games news portals where Fortnite is a “regular.”

Now, while almost everybody is focusing on the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite, the very same mode that made this title so famous, Kotaku’s┬áZack Zwiezen talked about the so-called Save The World co-op game mode.

In short, Fortnite’s Save The World is as good as the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite, only that it is not as popular as that just because players have to pay to gain access to it. In Save The World, a massive storm wiped out the humanity, leaving behind only a few survivors and some deadly foes known as Husks.

Fortnite “Save The World” Co-op Mode Is As Good As The “Battle Royale” One

In Fortnite’s Save The World, players have to team up and fight the Husks to save the survivors from their death. This co-op mode in Fortnite places the gamers in different locations, each with its mission objectives and collectibles, as well as with exciting side quests that make the storyline fun and addictive.

Even though the gameplay of Save The World is not entirely straightforward, and players would rush to meet the objective of the mission, they should spend some time wandering on the map to collect items and resources and kill any enemy that they encounter. That would help gamers accomplish the respective missions which, in their vast majority in Fortnite’s Save The World, are to find a spot on the map, building some structures around it, and eliminate all the opponents.

This Save The World co-op mode is fun, and you should give it a chance if you’re a Fortnite fan, even though it would mean to pay to play it. However, Epic Games is working on making this a free-to-play game┬ámode, but we don’t know yet when that’s going to happen.

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