Mario Kart Tour Is Coming – What Features Would The Fans Love To See In Mario Kart Mobile Game

Nintendo kept the secrecy over the first Mario Kart mobile game the Japanese company plans to launch around March this year for Android and iOS. So, we don’t know much about the upcoming game, titled Mario Kart Tour. However, the fans are already posting their wishlists on the Internet, so here are the features they would love to see in the first Mario Kart mobile game.

First, you have to know that Mario Kart Tour should come out this year, some recent information pointing to a release in March 2019. With this first Mario Kart mobile game, Nintendo plans to expand itself to the growing market of mobile gaming and to test and experiment new stuff as the gamers’ expectations are directed towards other Nintendo games and a potential new Nintendo Switch.

Nonetheless, Mario Kart Tour would also be successful, but, until we know for sure, let’s see what features would the fans love to see in this game.

What Features Would The Fans Love To See In Mario Kart Tour, the First Mario Kart Mobile Game

More focus on motion controls

Mario Kart Tour has to be different and play distinctly than its console-based counterparts, but without losing the core gameplay of the series. So, Nintendo should focus on motion controls and allow players to steer without using a stick. This way, they would have their fingers free to use items or whatever, as it happened in the case of Mario Kart Wii version.

The return of Mission Mode and more crossover-character

In Mario Kart 8, the players had the opportunity to download and add to the game characters from other Nintendo production. The fans would love to see that in Mario Kart Tour. Also, they hope that the first Mario Kart mobile game to mark the return of the Mission Mode.

Online multiplayer and new features in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour, the Nintendo’s first Mario Kart mobile game, should, by all means, come out with online multiplayer, as Mario Kart games have always been fun to play with friends. Also, the fans would love to see additional online features, such as daily goals and tournaments.

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