ShowBox On iOS? How To Download And Install

ShowBox is one of the most popular free Android streaming apps for movies and TV series. While Android version of ShowBox is quite straightforward to download as an APK file, for iOS the situation is different. There is no official ShowBox on iOS, so all you have to do is to install a copy of ShowBox know as MovieBox.

On the Internet, many articles reveal different techniques to download and install ShowBox on iOS, but the majority of them are not accurate or true. Since there is no official ShowBox version for iPhone and iPads, the only thing we can do to enjoy an experience on iOS similar to the one the app boasts on Android is to download and install MovieBox.

MovieBox is a clone of ShowBox, to some extent, as it’s offering the same features as the original ShowBox, plus that is also free to use and allows users to save movies and TV series to watch while offline.

ShowBox On iOS – Download and Install MovieBox To Enjoy A Similar Experience

To download and install MovieBox, the clone of ShowBox on iOS, you must have a third-party installer on your iPhone or iPad, such as TuTu App and TweakBox, which allows iOS users to download and install tweaked or modded iOS apps without having to jailbreak your device.

To install MovieBox, download and install TweakBox, for example, using the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad. Once the page loads, tap on “Install Now” and grant the app the required permissions to start installing it. Your iOS system would ask you to enter your PIN code. Once you’ve done that, tap on “Install” and wait for the installation to end. The app’s icon would appear on your home screen.

Run TweakBox and search for MovieBox, the so-called clone of ShowBox on iOS. Tap on MovieBox and then on “Install.” Once the clone of ShowBox on iOS has finished the installation, go to your iPhone or iPad “General Settings” section, under Enterprise App tap on the name of the developer, “JKbao Internet Technology,” and tap on the “Trust” button. Now, you can enjoy ShowBox on iOS via its counterpart app, MovieBox.

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