Become A PUBG Mobile Expert Using These Tips

Battle Royale games are the hottest trend of mobile gaming, and PUBG Mobile is one of the best such games. It is not hard to become addicted to it, and before you know it you will spend hours on your phone. However, it isn’t that simple to get Chicken Dinner. Being a pro is a process that takes time, but we can make it a bit faster with our tips. Let’s take a look.


You can’t go into the battle without training first. Luckily for you, PUBG Mobile does come with a training map. There you will be able to try out all the weapons, scopes, attachments, gear and vehicles. It’s a great way of becoming accustomed to the game and you might even learn a couple of useful techniques while training.

Sounds are important

Don’t even play this game with your sound off. Audio offers you important clues. You can hear gunshots, the plane that drops air drops, bombs, and, most importantly, the footsteps of your enemies. If you want to know when an opponent is close by, his footsteps are a clear indicator. If you can, try to use headphones as they will provide a better experience.

Don’t forget to heal

You won’t heal automatically, so you need to take care of you. Make sure that you have plenty of medkits, health packs, bandages, energy drinks and painkillers. It is also important to make sure that you won’t run out of them by the end of the game. Energy drinks and painkillers can also help you become faster.


Vehicles are both helpful and dangerous. If you need to move to an area that is far away, the car is the safest way. In a vehicle you can also run over other players and kill them. However, remember that vehicles are very noisy so you should avoid them if the safe zone is a small one.

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