iPhone 11 Will Have the Rear Camera Changed. Leaks Show Us Even More

We have recently heard that Apple may change the design of the rear cameras that will come with iPhone 11, and instead will put a shift to the center for the sensors.

We’ve seen that in some sources who have spoken with an insider, that confirmed the previous rumors that said that Apple would move the rear cameras for its iPhone 11 to the top-center part of the handset.

This might be the first time Apple has chosen to shift the position of the rear camera for its iPhone, due to the fact that the snapper has always been located in the top-left of the device, ever since iPhone made its appearance on the market for the first time, in 2007.

We find this decision quite surprising, because Apple almost never does changes to the general layout of its phones, except the home button change – when they decided to shift it and the inclusion of the notch. We think that this leak may tell the truth.

We also found out about a new feature for iPhone 11 – a triple-camera setup that was also mentioned in the leak. It’s not the first time we’ve heard of this is a leak, and Apple also wants to challenge the likes of its rivals, Huawei P30, and Samsung S10.

There’s also a new color

From the same source, we found out that the iPhone 11 will come with four color variants – gold, silver, grey and blue.

We also found out that the phone will have the same screen as iPhone XS, but with thinner bezels. However, this brand-new phone will not support 5G. it will come with a 4,000mAh battery, which is a lot more larger than Apple has ever had in its iPhones.

We’re not sure what to believe yet of all of these rumors, we are going to have to wait for an official statement to know for sure.


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