iPhone 2019 Models – What We Know So Far?

The expectation and rumors going around iPhones and Apple will never stop no matter how often we get something new from the company. Usually, most of them are wishes that people who predict future specs and features for their favorite flagships from Apple have. The engineering team at Apple is supposedly evaluating the 2019 models of iPhones for their designs and so on. Now, Compare Raja, an Indian website, suggest that at least one member of the trio of iPhones that will be released this year will be equipped with a triple camera setup mounted on the back alongside each other.

Names of models not explicit but colors predicted

Another debate going around discusses the possible names of the next iPhones from Apple, more specific, the names that these flagship smartphones will come out next fall. The best guess so far is that the trio of devices from Apple will be called iPhone XI Max and iPhone XI and iPhone XI XS. If you trust what the website claims, the name could also feature a suffix S. Regarding the colors, the site suggests that three of them will be available, Space Grey, Gold, and Silver. However, there might come an additional color in the range, and that could be Blue.

Some more specifications rumored

The Indian website, Compare Raja, also added that Apple might not make too many changes to the display types and the display sizes that the iPhones came with last year. However, Apple will be working on minimizing the bezels in order for the display to take more of the screen. Another prediction suggests that the battery that will be added is 4000 mAh and that the company might also swap the Lightning port for the UCB C-type one.

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