Final Fantasy XV Lead Game Designer Reveals ‘No Straight Roads’ And We Love It!

In December 2017, the lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV, Wan Hazmer, founded a studio called Metronomik, which is based in Malaysia. They’ve been working on one of their projects, which was teased back in Fall 2018: No Straight Roads.

On 31 January, PlayStationLifeStyle announced that Metronomik uploaded a five-minute video introducing the game, showing the team ‘backstage’ and talking about the gameplay of the video game that will roll out this spring on PS4 and PC.

At Metronomik, we are passionate about the video game industry and its legacy. A few of our team members have worked on Square Enix titles. Today, January 31, marks the 22nd anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. This new key visual created by our concept artist Ellie Wong is our way of celebrating the masterpiece. It’s both a tribute and a testament to our ambitions.

– Daim Dziauddin and Wan Hazmer

Looking at their video on YouTube, No Straight Roads has definitely caught my attention, and I’m not the only one. This game already won the Best Audio Award at the Taipei Indie Game Awards.

The game is a mix of action and rhythm, and it comes with a colorful and artistic touch, all perfectly blending together. Here is how Metronomik view their game:

No Straight Roads is created with two goals in mind: to reinforce the role of audio in a video game without turning it into a rhythm game, and to tell a story about different musical ideals through powerful visual elements.

This is not just a music game where you must follow button prompts to pay the game. It’s much more than that! You can use music to transform objects into weapons, and you get to change the world in No Straight Roads with the power of music. Your enemy is Electronic Dance Music, and your jam is, of course, Rock!

If you loved the music in Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, then we also have some great news for you!

What we’ve been able to showcase so far is thanks to the amazing music of Falk—who have worked on the music of previous Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games—James Landino, Funk Fiction, and Andy Tunstall; and the fantastic sound design of Gwen, Sharon, and Jeremy!

According to Hazmer’s description of the game in the video, No Straight Roads will have you play an “indie rock band, fighting an EDM empire in a music-centric action game that is not a rhythm game.”

We are so prepared to fight bosses in the city of Vinyl!

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